The second example is more contemporary and corporate. Paul Randís Eye, Bee, M, 1981, is clear, concise, witty, and produces a positive impression of IBM.  Symmetry and balance are created with the bee easily cut in two and the eye balancing the M. The three pictographs are rhythmically spaced from left to right. Warm colors repeat in the Eye and eyes and body of the bee. Cool colors repeat in the wings of the bee and the M. Horizontal lines repeat in the body of the bee and the M. Organic lines repeat in the curvature of the eye and the beeís wings and body. Variety is present in the three pictographs and their colors. In terms of the text, the corporate name, IBM, is so easily read that viewers have no trouble in comprehending the artistís intentions. Overall, this simple image creates a positive impression on potential consumers. And, that is all it needs to accomplish.