Designed Objects and Interiors

When we traditionally think of “art,” images of objects in museums and galleries come to mind. However, there are many other domains where we can find objects designed by artists according to elements of design, rules of composition, and capable of recording and transmitting narratives and/or emotions. The key word in the above statement is “designed.” Everything in our environment has been designed, either by an architect, interior designer, industrial designer, or craftsperson. We are all familiar with the marketing strategies of the retailer Target. Its claim in the market place is its ability to provide to the consumer well designed objects that will aesthetically enrich middle class lives and households. Fashion designers and architects provide cutting edge designed objects and clothing which demonstrate added aesthetic planning and execution. So when you think of it, everything in our environment has been designed by someone, from posters, to cd covers, packaging on groceries, clothing, furniture, automobiles, and household appliances. Designers select certain shapes, textures, and colors that will not only appeal to consumers but also visually enhance our daily lives.