Sexual Restlessness: the seductress, the whore. She uses her physical being (her naked flesh) to entice, corrupt and destroy mankind. She is metaphorically aligned with the devil as she embodies evil and passion.



An example of sexual restlessness is Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’ La Grande Odalisque, 1814. A harem slave, her purpose for existing is to serve mankind.

Purely objectified, she is displayed along with other luxury products to be seen (jewelry), touched (flesh and fabric), tasted (the woman), and sniffed (the opium in the pipe at right). All objects are rare curiosities and affordable only by the sultan, and for his exclusive pleasure.



Previously, we have discussed Tintoretto’s  Leda and the Swan, 1570-75. Similar to the above image, Tintoretto’s displays female flesh for the entertainment of the heterosexual male view (and the swan). The only reason for these paintings lies not in the merit of their narratives, but in the manipulation of the female body for its sensual lure. Props and accessories: The red curtain framing her body suggests the passion and lustfulness of the scene.