Poetic Obsessiveness: the nude ideal, the woman too good and too perfect to exist on planet Earth. The poetic ideal is that of chivalric poetry, which for example describes the woman of the authorís dreams as having eyes like pools of water, lips like cherries, hair like golden sunbeams, etc. She is a reflection of Neoplatonism; she resides on the level of the angels. She is beyond the loverís reach, standing on a very tall pedestal.




An example of poetic obsessiveness is Botticelliís The Birth of Venus, 1480. Venus is the epitome of the Neoplatonic nude. Besides reflecting the definition above, her complexion is milky white and her limbs are lithe and graceful.

Remember, she is a goddess, a resident of Mount Olympus. As a divine being she is beyond earthly imperfections and therefore without warts, moles, body hair, and indecent hormonal activity.