Narcissism: same sex identification (not sensual or erotic). When viewers see someone in the work of art like themselves, they identify with that figure and feel as if they could put themselves in their shoes. Narcissism is different for men and women. For men, identification and interest occur when the figure reflects how the viewer looks, used to look, or hopes to look. It is as if the viewer is looking into a mirror, for the person in the picture is so much like themselves. Arnold Schwarzenegger became a popular movie star for a male audience because viewers narcissistically could identify with that image on the screen. They have, had, hope to have his muscles, physical strength, and action-packed lifestyle (at least before he became Governor of California). For women, same-sex identification does not involve being that person. Women recognize not themselves, but a sister, mother, aunt, or girl friend in the figure. Thusly, the artwork engages the viewer’s interest because the face or body is familiar and comfortable.