The last example we will be analyzing from the Renaissance is Agnolo Bronzino’s Allegory of Luxury, c. 1545. The motivation for the painting is also fantasy/virtual reality yet with more naturalistic details. It depicts Venus and Cupid (mother and son) in an erotic embrace. Cupid appears to be holding his mother up, but the positioning of her legs, knees and arms compromises the logic of the pose. To the left, a woman is tearing her hair out in agony; she is a representation of Envy. The woman at top left and the man at top right are Truth and Time; in time, the truth will be revealed.  A friend of Cupid’s is about to throw rose petals upon the incestuous lovers. The young girl behind is Hypocrisy; she is not what she seems, the lower portion of her body becomes reptilian.

Is there any evidence of Bronzino’s scientific knowledge? Anatomy is well done in the three milky white bodies, but Venus’ proportions are not those of a woman but of an adolescent. The anatomical detail on Envy, Truth, and Time is very well done. Physics: color and high/low value are excellent especially in the fabric at bottom and the beautiful shade of blue, tanned flesh, and pink and green which appear at left and right. The composition has balance with Venus at center and the two boys at left and right. Additionally, Venus has been objectified, turned into an object to be looked at, inviting the gaze of the heterosexual male viewer. 

This painting is not catholic in theme, nonetheless, what percentage is science-based and what percentage is Neoplatonic or fanciful? 50-50?