The last image in this Asian survey is Shiva Nataraja, c. 1000, from Southern India. Shiva is one of the three Hindu gods who presides over the creation and destruction of the universe. As Nataraja, King of the Dance, the heat and energy produced by his cosmic dance churns up the kinetic energies in the universe. However, even though he is engaged in a very dramatic action, no muscles are flexed, expanded, or contracted. His limbs are smooth and tubular (abstract and stylized), his body twists in varied directions (three-bends), and his four arms and abstracted features reaffirm his divine nature, his metaphysical stature.

 Though there is a rounded form to the limbs, the roundness is not biologically determined. Due to the anatomical issues, prana, and “body of the three bend,” no one would confuse this god with earthbound humanity. Again, 0% science and 100% disegno interno.