The next image is a photograph of Airowayoye I, a Yoruban oba, 1977. Though this is a photograph of a real flesh and blood person, he is not seen in that manner. He does not talk, eat, or move in public. His crown is tall and pointed with a hornbill atop (a bird symbolizing charity and maternal care for his people) and a secret compartment inside to house counseling spirits or medicines and herbs that would maintain his health and help him think clearly. Rows of cowrie shells cover his face, voluminous robes (with the hornbill) his body, and large slippers his feet. His anatomy, proportion, and mass are not seen. Dress has become drapery. All aspects of his real being have been transformed into an unreadable, unearthly form as the oba is no longer of this earth, but exists somewhere in the Neoplatonic realm.