How did Marc Chagall employ color theory in his painting titled The Painter and His Wife, 1969. The wife is represented at right in a sea of red. But can you see him? An arm comes out of the green side to hand her a bouquet of flowers. Why is she in red and he in green? Why did Chagall chose such arbitrary colors for this painting? Obviously, there is a narrative or expressive intention. Red is a hot or warm color. Is he suggesting that his wife is wild, aggressive, loud, and passionate? What about her line direction? Her body is on a diagonal which suggests activity. Does he see himself as green? Is he laid back, quiet, introspective, and submissive to his wife? Donít forget, red and green are complimentaries on the color wheel. Husband and wife are opposites, but opposites attract. Due to Chagallís color choices, we read the narrative in this manner.