Letís return to Sandy Skoglundís Radioactive Cats, 1980. The drawing of a center line would reveal an elderly man on the left side and his wife on the right. There is an equal weighting and distribution of objects, hence, it is balanced. What provides unity? Gray is consistently applied to the floor, walls, furniture, and clothing. The cats are consistently green. Repeating shapes are evident in the cats, and vertical lines in the chair, radiator, refrigerator, and the painted windowís frame. There is a unity in the content - all objects are appropriate to a kitchen.


Variety is seen in the distribution and body language of the cats and asymmetrical arrangement of husband and wife. Rhythm? There may be rhythm in the placement of the cats throughout the composition.

By limiting color to gray and green, variety and visual interest are maintained. The picture is intriguing due to its departure from normal expectations of life as lived.