Can drawings be produced on a computer? In the time taken to boot up the computer, select the proper program, screen size, line quality, gradient field, etc., and manipulate the mouse back and forth, the artist has made deliberate decisions each step of the way. Such drawings will exhibit a conscious placement of objects, balance, and repetition of line and shape. Therefore, drawings cannot be produced on the computer because furia and sprezzatura have been lost.

Within the medium of drawing, we need to include graffiti. Graffiti is created with furia and sprezzatura. Due to the threat of police harassment or fines, graffiti “artists” need to work quickly. Symmetry, balance, repetition of shape, and detailed naturalism is impossible. Graffiti is loosely composed of expressive lines and a combination of lettering and abstracted visuals. As such drawings are made quickly, they are to be read quickly by an “initiated” viewer who can decipher the signs.




Earlier we discussed Haring’s Subway Drawing in regard to line quality. Haring’s work is considered graffiti. He traveled the New York City subways waiting for a stop at a station with blank poster board. He would get out his chalk and quickly make his drawings. Due to time limitations and the risk of being fined by the city for the defacing of public property, he needed to work fast. Therefore, furia is present because he never knew ahead of time the dimensions of the picture space, and sprezzatura is present because he needed to draw as quickly as possible. His drawings lack detail as the objects themselves lack interior definition. No three-dimensional or spatial illusions are present. Lines are squiggles, dots, and dashes. The final product is true to Haring’s quick and creative imagination.